tantric cunnilingus

One of the most important sexual rituals for couples is cunnilingus. This sacred, erotic art is used to nurture, soothe and relax. Its applications extend far beyond arousal and orgasm.

Cunnilingus is a deep, non-verbal communication between lovers, used to balance and harmonize the moods and energy of the couple. See our Vocabulary Guide for more terms.

daily practice

Before you make oral contact to your partner’s yoni, make eye contact first and establish connection with her.  You may even want to try asking for permission or tell her how much you want/need to honor her in this way and how it affects you positively.

  • Look at your partner’s yoni. Appreciate how she looks and how you feel about her yoni in this moment.
  • Smell her.  Inhale a few really deep breaths, hold them for a few seconds and exhale with sounds of contentment, joy and gratitude.
  • Then, taste her, slowly.  Swallow.  Feel her texture, smell her some more and literally ingest the body of your beloved into your own.  She is in you now, her cells are nourishing yours.  You will carry her with you throughout the day.
  • Thank her for the gift she just gave you.

Give and receive cunnilingus as many times as you can throughout the day. Remove the expectation of arousal. Oral sex isn’t just foreplay – it can be love making itself or a quick connection.



  • Allow yourself to receive energy from her powerful 2nd chakra.
  • Listen to her requests. Give generously and attentively.
  • Talk to her yoni. Be sweet. Be authentic.
  • Kiss her yoni often. Rest your head on her yoni and just be.


  • Open yourself to feel loved, nurtured and desirable.
  • Breathe into your yoni to heighten sensitivity and relaxation.
Tantra Cunnilinugus