female ejaculation

(This is Pamela's response to a member on the Yahoo! discussion group, Qtantra, asking if every woman can ejaculate.)

Yes, every woman can ejaculate, if she has the g-spot - her prostate gland - intact. We're all born with it, but sometimes invasive surgeries or trauma can damage the tissue or nerve supply, tho this isn't that common. Many women however don't realize they're ejaculating . . .they think they're peeing or the quantity is so small she mistakes it for lubrication or in some cases women, like men, experience "retrograde" ejaculation where it goes into the bladder rather than out the urethra. Other reasons women don't ejaculate is from having weak pc muscles and she can't push the fluid out or she is a "clitoral girl" and ignores stimulating her g-spot adaquately. And many women have emotional blocks to letting go. We've all been well potty trained, so telling ourselves it's okay to wet the bed takes new programing and huge amounts of trust in our partner and a sense of safety and permission to let go and let it flow.

The fluid is similar to the prostatic fluid of men (just the fluid, not the sperm which mixes with his prostatic fluid when he ejaculates) and therefore releasing it helps regulate our hormones and keeps us sexually healthy and our libido up. The tantrics view the ejaculate, known as amrita, as a sacred fluid called "nectar of the goddess" or "nectar of immortality". Women are energized by ejaculating, men lose energy, so it's important to teach men how to orgasm without ejaculating. It's my experience that clitoral orgasms drain women, not g-spot orgasms.

You wondered about the benefits of amrita and is it healing? Mmmm. . . my favorite part of the discussion. The amrita is extremely nutritious to us both physically as well as spiritually. It's infused with energy to rejuvenate our tired and aging bodies and lift our spirits. It has healing powers in it that cleanse the psyche - thus healing very deep seated wounds and traumas. But for it work on this level, a woman must be in tune with this dimension of her ejaculate or she misses the blessings. When you add the flow of amrita to the emotionally healing work of g-spot massage, the potential for sexual healing is remarkably powerful.

The amrita, is also known to awaken spiritual consciousness in those who practice it regularly. And I will stress the REGULARLY. It was very much a part of long tantric rituals where sex was used as a path for enlightenment. It's in the longer durations of sex that you get the full benefit of the brain chemistry changes, hormonal regulation, endorphin production and the access into altered states of consciousness. Quickies don't do that for us.

I use g-spot stimulation everyday as a tool for de-stressing from day to day life. But I also do a very long session at least once a week where I go deep into my hurts, anger, fears etc. during an ecstatic state. I can only really access the deeper layers when I have my longer sessions and it's in those extended hours of ecstasy that I've healed my own disconnection from my sexual power and joy.

I keep my amrita flowing daily and in my morning practice. I "catch" it in a bowl and use it in my rituals as an anointing oil or I drink it or cook with it. I've used it as medicine for my sick child, sprayed my lover with it when she gets cranky or depressed and ingest it regularly as a tonic for myself. The possibilities are endless, but I'll wrap it up here.

With much love,

Female Ejaculation