fire breath technique

It is called the Fire Breath for good reason - it moves a lot of energy! That means use with caution. It can be done daily if toned down, but if you activate all the chakras and have "big" experiences every time you do it, then only do this exercise every few weeks or you may get tired and lower your sexual energy instead of building it.


  • Allow 30-60 minutes for this exercise.
  • Create sacred space.
  • Make sure you will not be interrupted.
  • Clear out your nasal passages before beginning.


Laying flat on back or seated on the floor on zafu or firm pillow.



  • Inhale through your nose, or mouth if your nose is congested. Expand your belly with each inhalation.
  • Exhale though your mouth; making it a sharp out breath, it should sound like “shew”.
  • Allow your pelvis to roll back while you fill your belly on the inhale.
  • As you exhale, roll your pelvis forward as your belly empties of all air.
  • Continue this undulation as you breathe.

Activating the Chakras:

  • Begin with left hand on base (1st) chakra.
  • Next, touch right hand to sexual (2nd) chakra. Allow time for the energetic connection between the two.
  • Then, move left hand to 2nd chakra and right hand to solar plexus (3rd) chakra.
  • Keep left hand on 2nd chakra and continue moving right hand up all the other chakras.
  • Release sounds with exhalation. Sounding moves energy.

Completing the Fire Breath Exercise:

  • Harmonize the flow of energy by placing your left hand on the crown (7th) chakra and your right hand on the base (1st) chakra (opposite of the way you began).
  • Hold for about one to two minutes and allow your breathing to return to normal.


If you do go into deep process while doing the exercise and want to “come up” more, try slowing your breath or returning to your normal breathing pattern and move one hand at a time to a new chakra.

Also, you may experience orgasmic releases in your different chakras or move into an ecstatic state while doing this exercise.

In sacred sex emotional releases and orgasmic releases come from the same source.

Stay present and enjoy whatever moves through you. I promise you, one day on the other side of your tears or frustration will come the sweetest pleasure.

It is our birthright to feel pleasure and this work is about removing the blocks to it.

Sexual awakening is a process, not an event. Enjoy the journey!

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