tantric spooning

This practice is simple and easy to do, yet offers tantric lovers the profound long term benefit of bonding when practiced with regularity. It creates a harmonization between partners, synchronizing and balancing their often very different energies. Spooning allows for several types of communication to take place via the breath, the chakras and body contact. Spooning can help re-establish intimacy and connection when verbal communication breaks down.

This meditation is practiced daily, sometimes multiple times throughout the day. Alternate between giving and receiving and whoever is in need of the most nurturing should take the inside or receiver’s position. The giver snuggles her chest to her lover’s back side.

daily practice

Begin with a synchronized breath to harmonize the couple’s energy. Giver breathes in and out in tandem with receiver’s breath, focusing on the exhale while the receiver focuses on the inhale.

  • Focus on the heart chakra and take five or six breaths while concentrating on that chakra.
  • Move up to the fifth chakra between the eyes and focus on harmonizing the long term vision of the relationship.
  • Complete five or six breaths at this chakra, then move to the first or base chakra and move upward to each chakra from there passing back through the chakras you began with.
  • The receiver sets the pace and can signal her partner she’s ready to move to the next chakra by a hand squeeze or quietly calling out the number of the next chakra as she completes her exhale.

To complete the exercise, the giver can signal the receiver with a “thank you” followed by a kiss to her shoulder or head or create your own closing gesture.


To aid in comfort and energy flow, lay on left side. Use a pillow under the receiver’s head, but allow space between the nape of her neck and the pillow for the giver’s left arm, so the giver’s arm will not go to sleep.

To further enhance the energetic communication, switch to an alternating breath, where one is inhaling while the other is exhaling. Hold for several seconds between each inhale & exhale.  Be particularly mindful of the energy being exchanged. Focus on feelings of love and gratitude.

Couples Spooning