lesbian tantra weekend

Lesbian Tantra Weekend

Many women today want more connection and passion in their loving ... yearning to take relationship to its highest potential of sexual and spiritual fulfillment. Yet sometimes our desire for such greatness is blocked by inner obstacles, cultural taboos and painful sexual histories. Despite our attempt at creating the relationship we want and expressing our sexuality with power and freedom, we are not able to get beyond these blocks.

To achieve ecstatic lovemaking, you must not only develop skills, but qualities that can make you a great and intimate lover. The Lesbian Tantra Weekend will teach you the healing and erotic techniques of the tantric sexual arts as both giver and receiver.

  • Seven keys to increasing orgasmic energy
  • Sexual healing
  • Awakening the G-Spot & female ejaculation
  • Learn practices, meditations & breathwork
  • Anal massage for healing and pleasure
  • Tantric oral sex techniques
  • Transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary
  • Deepening intimacy & sexual communication

Note: workshop contains no nudity or sexually explicit activity.