what is tantra?

Many of us have experienced a breakthrough or peak experience during sex - a mind-blowing orgasm or a feeling of overwhelming love and connectedness. A sexual experience that felt unusually intense and expansive. Some might even describe it as a spiritual experience – a sacred union with the beloved that extended far beyond physical boundaries and the norms of sex. As amazing as the experience is, we don't know how we got there, making it almost impossible to duplicate the experience. Ancient cultures of India, Nepal and Tibet understood this ecstatic state as well as the joyous feelings of union – it was one of their paths to God. This sacred sexual path is known as Tantra.


Tantra is Sanskrit:

  • Tan - thread, web, stretch, spread or expand.
  • Tra - tool or instrument.
  • Tantra = tool for expansion or a weaving.

There is Red Tantra, which means couples practice, or White Tantra, for solo practice. Some traditions of tantra are celibate, where the cultivation of sexual energy does not include sex or even self stimulation. Celibate or sexual, advanced tantra practitioners (tantrikas) can awaken the sexual energy (kundalini) through breath and energy techniques alone and have no need for sex or genital contact to summon the orgasmic energy and enter into an ecstatic state. Tantrikas use the techniques of tantra to intentionally and regularly enter into Bliss or Samadhi - the ecstatic yet serene state of being when union between our individual consciousness and Source, God or Higher Consciousness is experienced.

loving gaze

Through learning and practice of sacred sex techniques, all women can heal any limitations or blocks to pleasure & powerfully awaken her orgasmic energy. Tantra also offers tools to enhance the intimacy of lovemaking, assisting in removing the goal of orgasm and all performance aspects of sex. This allows us to experience sex as a powerful communication – an intimate, even vulnerable expression of who we are. After all, sex isn't something you do; it's a way of being.

In addition to deepening the sexual-spiritual connection, many lesbian couples are yearning to keep the passion alive and not succumb to the all-too-common "lesbian bed death." Today's lovers are turning to these ancient secrets of Eastern philosophy to intentionally nourish and grow their sexual relationship over a lifetime.

Whether or not we choose to embrace the full potential of tantra as a spiritual path, the benefits to our mental, physical and emotional well-being can be profound at any level of participation.